Call for Paper

Conference sections

  1. Building structures and foundations. Structural Analysis (Responsible person is Mitasov V.M., Dr. Tech. sciences, Professor)

    1. Reinforced concrete structures
    2. Structural calculations
    3. Metal structures
    4. Wood and plastic structures
    5. Grounds, foundations and engineering geology
  2. Modern problems of architecture and urban planning (Chairman is Gudkov A.A., Ph.D. arch. sciences, Ass. Professor)
    1. Actual problems of transforming the architectural environment in modern conditions
    2. Architecture and reconstruction of the urban environment
    3. Actual issues of urban development, housing and communal services
  3. Environmental technologies of water management and water energy complexes, and energy conservation (Chairman is Kosolapova I.A. Ph.D. Tech.. sciences, Associate Professor)
    1. Modern problems of hydraulic engineering construction and the organization of geodetic control in safety monitoring
    2. Environmental technologies, processing and disposal of technogenic formations and wastes
    3. Heat and gas supply, ventilation and air protection
    4. Water resource management and water quality
    5. Sewage treatment and disposal
    6. Industrial and agricultural waste water management
    7. Control of surface runoff from construction sites and urban environments
    8. Waste management (transport, treatment, storage, and disposal practices of all manner of waste, including municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, and nuclear waste, identifying and categorizing waste types)
    9. Environmental restoration
    10. Air pollution management and control and other
  4. Technology, organization and mechanization of construction (Chairman is Molodin V.V., Dr. Tech. sciences, Ass. Professor)
    1. Technology of construction work in extreme climatic conditions
    2. Organization and construction management
    3. Mechanization and automation in construction
  5. Information technology, mathematical modeling and data interpretation methods (Chairman is Voskoboinikov Yu.E., Doctor of Phys.-Math. sciences, Professor)


Round table «Problems of optimal structural design»

Chairman is Grebenyuk G.I., Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor. E-mail:; Phone: 8 (383) 266-33-80

Round table «Modern resource-saving materials and technologies: opportunities and applications»

Chairman is Smirnova O.E., Ph.D. Tech. sciences, Associate Professor. E-mail: Phone: 8 (383) 266-42-94

Round table «World practice of solving problems in construction and the environment»

Chairman is Sineeva N.V., Ph.D. Tech. sciences, Associate Professor. E-mail: Phone: 8 (383) 266-16-64